Near the end of the first CT riding year report...

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Near the end of the first CT riding year report...

Post  midegim on Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:23 pm

November is just around the corner and riding days are getting further and further apart. Sad times... Anyway, I want to post my thoughts about my first darkside summer riding. Mid-May I mounted a General Evertrek HP 205/60R16 on my 2003 1800R. Lots of help from fellow lister Doug Casey. More like he did it and I offered moral support. Thanks, Doug! My ride home from Dougs was about 500 miles so I got well acquainted with the CT. It did feel a bit different. Much more stable at any speed. A bit more difficult to get in to a turn and felt like it rises just a bit in a turn. However it feels solid and hold a turn very well. With the stock Dunnys it always felt very tippy at slower speeds. Love how that has gone away. The ride is so much smoother. My wife is overjoyed at the difference. She feels much more at ease in the rear saddle.
Over the Memorial Day weekend my wife and I rode from Western Iowa to Washington DC for the Rolling Thunder ride. While we prefer traveling a leisurely back road when traveling, time constraints meant mostly interstate highway this trip. Three days out and two days back with a couple day layover. Not any other CTs there that I saw but with that many bikes I am sure there were some. Got several riders come over to look at our and left scratching their heads.
Several other weekend trips and day trips was all we had time for after that but ended up at about 7,000 miles for the year. Front tire is shot and will need to be replaced early next spring. Rear CT looks like new still.
If you are thinking about crossing over, do it. Don't look back, you will not be sorry. The CT was the best decision I have made in a while.

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Re: Near the end of the first CT riding year report...

Post  twin1300 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:53 am


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