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How to Post a Photo...

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How to Post a Photo...  Empty How to Post a Photo...

Post  Doc on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:13 pm

Often new members of the forum ask how to post pics and photos into a post so that they show up.
They have to be "Hosted" somewhere.
Many people use Photobucket

Go to Photobucket.com or any other photo sharing site then:

1. Register a free account with them. Don't bother entering your cell phone number if they ask for that.

2. Go back to the PhotoBucket home page and click the button that says upload.

3. Click the browse button to browse for the image on your computer then upload it.

4. Look in the lower left hand corner, a thumbnail of your image should be there with a box labled IMG. Copy this code and paste it directly into your post here on this forum.

Alternate Method

If you have a URL like this that ends with .jpg:

Then you add it to your discussion like this so it shows up as a photo:

{img}http://www.example.com/somepic.jpg{/img} (except that [ and ] are used instead of { })

That's it!


Or alternatively.
Go to http://imageshack.us/
"Browse" to the location on your PC where the image resides
Then click the "Host it" button
After the file is done uploading choose the appropriate image code from the list, "thumbnail for forums" is good
Left click on the code to highlight the code
Then right click and COPY the code.
Come back here and right click and PASTE the code into your next post.

If this all still seems confusing here is a short utube video
that shows you how to sign up to Photobucket, upload a picture, copy the image code to your clipboard,
and then how to paste it on the forum post you want to make.

How to Post a Photo...  Pbucket
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