Results of a 205/60/16 on a 02 Goldwing

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Results of a 205/60/16 on a 02 Goldwing

Post  Flyn Tiger on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:54 pm

I am new to this site and have read and posted in several areas concerning car tires on a Goldwing.  I have a 02 Wing with the adjustable height rear suspension which I run on number 25 for maximum clearance.  I still had many questions that I wasn't getting answered so I borrowed a used 205/60/16 tire from a local tire dealer and here are the results.

To install the 205 the tire needs to be completely deflated. otherwise, it ain't goin....No   With the bike on its side and the tire inflated to 38psi, the tire rubs on the left inside fender weld. On the other side of the fender weld is a wire harness that goes to the battery and who knows what else. Personally I don't like that rubbing and I know some have cut that back but it is covered for a reason is my thought.  Otherwise there seems to be clearance everywhere else under the fender.  I stood the bike up under its own weight and then slowly rode it around with the radio turned off. Immediately I could hear the rubbing of the tire under the fender. Riding over a curb didn't seem to be restricted any which I thought would be the tire hitting somewhere else under the fender. hmmm   

A 195/65/16 would be a even better choice than the 205/60, it is more narrow for clearance purposes and the height of the tire keeps the speedometer true.  I don't think the 195/65 will hit higher up on the fender weld but it seems they are impossible to find. Gaah  I have seen several on ebay which were old new tires that was in a warehouse, used tires, or 8 ply tires that would make the bike ride rough like a old covered wagon.  No  These tires are used on vans and heavier trucks is what I am told. Plus I am worried about the ability of the tire to take a turn on edge like other tires.  Shrug   If anyone knows of a regular 195/65/16 tire that I have missed or have any other information concerning the 205 that I have missed, please send me a note.thumbup 

I am still wanting to go to the dark side Vader so I guess I will continue to do more research.  Thanks again for all your input on this subject.  Happy Thanksgiving to all! eat

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