Which Dunlop Taxi for 2000 GoldWing 1500??

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Which Dunlop Taxi for 2000 GoldWing 1500??

Post  Stayfree on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:02 pm

While reading the assortment of recommendations it looks like the choice for my 2000 GoldWing 1500 SE is going to be the Dunlop Taxi tire. The 175R16 Dunlop Taxi costs $221.00 and the Austone Taxi costs $152.00. After readung what little is available at: https://www.universaltire.com/dunlop-tires/dunlop-radial-tires.html

I can't see a lot of difference in the two tires. I have long held the belief that when buying tires one should purchase as much tire as they can afford since dollar for dollar it is usually worth the difference in handling and longevity. This time I can't really find any supporting evidence.

Keep in mind this bike is equipped with a sidecar that stays mounted full time. So in addition to longevity I am interested in handling characteristics with look like they would be the same for either tire.

Anyone have experience with both tires and suggestions?

When I replace the front tire I am considering a ct for the front but have noticed a lot of folks are installing a rear tire directionally bassackwards, (presumably for the stress of braking which doesn't make a lot of sense to me since rear tires brake in the same installed direction as they drive...)

Thoughts or recommendations for a front tire size 130/70-18?



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