a few noob Darkside questions

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a few noob Darkside questions

Post  karanko on Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:06 pm

Hi folks, I looking at moving over, I've got a spare rim that I can use for a bit of testing. been looking around(might a missed a few posts) but its left me with a few questions.

I've got a 17 inch rim spare, and I usually run either a 170/60/17 or a 180/55/17

1. Is the idea that I get a wider car tyre on the rim so that its creates more of a curved (can't think of the right word) footprint/tread/profile?
2. I don't know how many darksiders are in the UK, after talking to a few guys about it here, somebody mentioned that my insurance company might not be happy about it, has anybody had any issues with this?
3. Now I'm hoping that I'm not going to bug anyone with this. I have seen a few posts about running without tube, I'm ok with that. But are there any advantages of running tubes. saw something about difficulty sealing them?
4. Rain? I've got a bridgestone MC tyre on now and its great in the dry and shockingly dangerous in the wet. I was looking at moving over so that I have a better tyre for in the wet/snow etc. may sound silly but should I got for a car rain tyre, or a softer compound considering I'll be going round bends

I know I'm coming on a bit heavy with the questions but I'd grateful for your help.



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Re: a few noob Darkside questions

Post  Doc on Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:34 pm

Welcome Welcome to the forum K. Welcome

To answer your questions...
1. You do get a bit of the sidewall pinched in when mounting a car tire on a motorcycle rim but it is the flex of the car tire sidewall that gives the car tire a wider footprint than the motorcycle tire.
2. In the US I have never heard of any insurance company denying coverage. Here it is a legal DOT approved tire and unless there is specific language in your insurance policy excluding the use of a car tire on your motorcycle it is a legal modification and the insurance company assumes the risk when they issued your policy. I have read on the Goldwing Darkside forum that it was not a legal modification in the UK. Can you comment on that?
3. If you have a tubeless motorcycle rim there is no need to use a tube with a car tire. If you have a spoked rim then you would need to use a tube or seal the rim. There are a lot of Darksider's that have sealed spoked rims with 3M 5200 and have had great results.
4. Any car tire will perform in the rain much better than a motorcycle tire. The car tire is much softer rubber than the motorcycle tire and they have much bigger sipping too.

If a 180/55/17 fits then a 205/50/17 might. It is only about 1/4 inch taller and almost an inch wider.
There are a lot of good choices in that size.

Good Luck! thumbup


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Re: a few noob Darkside questions

Post  coldweatherfreak on Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:10 pm

I'm running a General Altimac Artic 205/50-17 on my V-strom 1000 (original tire size 150/70-17)

it gives great traction in ANY conditions, snow, sleet, freezing rain, in winter I run it with a studded Karoo T in front

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Re: a few noob Darkside questions

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