Riding on the Darkside
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New to darkside, new feel but is it normal?

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New to darkside, new feel but is it normal? Empty New to darkside, new feel but is it normal?

Post  dajain on Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:44 pm

Just went to the darkside with my '93 GL1500 Goldwing. Initial ride proved different which is what I expected. The best way I can describe is rear of bike feels like it want to keep going straight, or the rear end is "swerving" to the outside while turning. I do know there would be a difference. But is this feel normal?

At first I tried 35 psi on the tire and swerve was pretty distinct. Them up'ed it to 45 psi (tire is rated for 51) and swerve got less but didn't like the feel of it. Lowered it to 31 and I'll go from there. Tire I am using is:175/60R-16 Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max SL
What pressure are you guys and ladies using in these tires on these heavy bikes?

I know it's sticking to the road, I am new to a CT on the rear, and probably just need to get used to it but any info that is similar to my application would be great.
Thanks ahead of time for any replies


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