Couldn't be happier...

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Couldn't be happier...

Post  spud1800r on Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:07 pm

We were in NC and TENN last week. 2 days of sun, and 4 days of some wicked rain. Got caught on TN 411 and could barely see the fog line. Finally pulled under a closed gas station roof and waited it out.
Next 2 days were on the BRP, NEVER seen fog so thick. And rain so hard at the same time!
Anyhow, my DD set-up passed this test with flying colors.  Got a Hankook 418 on back and a Michelin Road Pilot 3 reversed on front. Had all kinds of wet brake problems, but never slipped or slid on the roads.
We got sick of being wet and stayed at Little Switzerland Inn. Great place, cycle friendly, and great eats. They say they have an awesome view...maybe next time the fog will be gone ! Laughing 
So if you're thinking about DD, go for it, I got almost 5k on the front, really want to see what I get for miles out of it.
Ride Safe,
Oh yea, did the Dragon wet & dry, scraped the snot outta the boards both ways! yeah

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Re: Couldn't be happier...

Post  quadancer on Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:13 pm

I'm basically nutz on the dry and a chicken on the wet stuff. The first time I scraped the boards on a wet road blew my mind!
I still don't trust the wet, but have scraped in it on other occasions. My other nemesis is SAND on cement; rode my hip into
a guard rail with my right ankle frying on the exhaust pipe once, with my BSA. Might have stayed up if I'd been Darkside then.

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