Car oil vs Bike oil

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Re: Car oil vs Bike oil

Post  Fly on Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:36 am

It still amuses me that this thread continues and isn't just forgotten. It depends so much on riding style, V-twin vs other bike engines, weather and distance of rides. Any quality oil of the correct viscosity is the right one for you bike, and oil changes depend much more on riding conditions and length of rides than anything else.

That being said, I prefer synthetic oils because of cooler conditions in my area, as synthetic oils lube much better when cool and before engine heats up. They are also less damaged by extreme heat such as riding in the South West.
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Re: Car oil vs Bike oil

Post  lj birdman on Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:27 pm

if every one listened to the maufactures suggestens we wouldn't be goin darkside everyone has their opinion and from what ive read mostly good results. a lot of oil is manufactured by the same company but have different labels . like walmart oil and advance its bought n bulk at the best price
lj birdman
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My oil

Post  Vtx brez on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:55 pm

I've ran castrol 10w40 synth for four years,,,,no issues,,,,no problems,,,,it's all ill use now,,,get it at advance when on the oil special 5 quart jug and pure one filter (99.9 filtration) $31.99,,,,bike continues to run beautifully!!!!!!,

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The wing is a car...

Post  genedjr on Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:24 am

All water cooled wings are just car engines on 2 wheels.
6K red line, Under 200 Ft/lbs torque

Now the question is on the tranny - but hey -
From what I have read, the shear pressures are well within the specs of the likes of Mobile 1, Amsoil, Pensoil, or other main brand - for a GL1800.

Personally in my bikes (currently a 2012 GL1800 Navi), I run Mobile one, a high quality filter, and I check (cut filter) every time. In my Harley, I ran Amsoil as the high temp tests were better than Mobile 1.

But the bottom line is - if your bike is water cooled and had less than a 8K red line - you're good with "high quality" car oil.


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Re: Car oil vs Bike oil

Post  Khuts on Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:03 am

Probably answering an old forgotten post but;

IMO, I have had/owned/rode many bikes in my life, everything from old
cranky sportster harleys to European brands and the quicker then greased
lightning Japanese crotch rockets.
Ever since I was old enough to understand and change the oils/filters myself
I have used Castrol oil's ( Exclamation your average everyday engine oils Exclamation )
The system I have settled on is;
In the spring, change the oil to a thinner grade but nothing thinner then 10/30

In the early summer the oil changes to a 10/40 or 20/40 grade

In the heat of summer the oil changes to a thicker mix of 10/40 and a 20/50 or 2

In the fall or late summer I revert back to the springs oil type and
change it once before bed time in the winter.

(all the above with a new filter)

(Change it a little more if you clock up the distances,
 a little less if your strictly a weekend rider)

NEVER once did I have an issue with anything oil related
(except for the harley's lafer should have invested in either a
    cat litter corporation or an oil corporation  2cents )

I have a basic thought;
If you like your ride, change the oil often enough and ride in a respectable way
and you should have no issues either (like me) with oil related gremlins

Don't buy the oil cause it says you should buy it jocolor (or your friends).
Buy the right oil at the right price that works for you and your riding thumbup  (not your friends rant).


P.S. don't forget to actually "check" your oil levels for where they need to be
my present bike is a Kawasaki Vulcan 2 litre and if I were to keep it at the
"manufacturers level" I would not be able to ride as I would be blowing more oil out
then able to keep in. So my bike's dipstick has been re-calibrated to a realistic, optimum
level. Which I have had to do before on other bikes.

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Re: Car oil vs Bike oil

Post  Duug on Sat Feb 21, 2015 7:50 am

rrounds wrote:In the VTX I would use Rotella 15/40, I have found that the 15/40 doesn't shear as quick in my bike(VT1100-T) as the Rotella T6 5/40, another good oil is Delo 15/40. I haven't used motorcycle oil's in 30 years(waste of money) in any of my bikes(dirt and street) and they all have/had wet clutches.


First order of biz,..Hello All. My name is Doug.
I've Been riding motos for 50 years. Have had my VTX 1800 C since '02. Some may know me from the 'Oa or Café.

Re' Oil,...I've been using Rotella for about 10 years now. Never any problems.
I've been Been running a Khumo rear tire for a few years now I bought at a used tire store for 20.oo. This after years of running the Bridgestone 200s for years. The CT is GREAT. I've put about 16K miles on it and have run it close to wot on I-95 several times. Never a shake or wobble. The downside is the twisties in NC which I visit every year. The CT ain't so great there so, the Khumo does have its limits. Next CT will be of a rounder profile.

That said,....always ride within your limits and try to obey the Law. Angel

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Re: Car oil vs Bike oil

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