Which tire and how big? Here's what I did.

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Which tire and how big? Here's what I did. Empty Which tire and how big? Here's what I did.

Post  cruisinTx on Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:03 am

Even though, Can Am claims their OEM Kenda tires are "motorcycle" tires they are actually built to car rim specifications.  The OEM Kendas are also total pieces of crap.  We purchased a 2014 RT Limited last fall thinking my wife might ride more on three wheels instead of two.  She never really took to two wheels; I think that may be a personality or confidence thing--dunno.  Any way seeing as how the RT had about 6800 miles on it when we bought it, I didn't give much thought to tires until the worthless Kenda was down to the wear bars in the middle in less than 9000 miles. Before you chime in about pressure being too high, these things wear in the middle faster even at 21psi.  To make a longer story short, I did my research over on the Spyder Lovers web page and decided to go with a Yokohama Avid Envigor 205/65 x 15 instead of sticking with the OEM size.  Like most vehicles these days the speedometer was off with about 3.5% of optimism.  Changing to the slightly larger circumference rear tire got me an almost 100% correction on the speedo and I'm betting it will go 20 or 30K miles, (based mostly on reports from the Spyder Lovers page).


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