185/75/16 Vredestei n Comtrac GL1500

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185/75/16 Vredestei n Comtrac GL1500

Post  jag39 on Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:56 am

I'm new to the forum, but have seen a lot of questions (some years old) about tires for the rear of the GL1500. I recently stuck a Vredestein 185/75/16 on the rear of my '98 GL1500se.  Thought I would give some info on it. First, on mine, this would be the widest tire I could stick under there. I have minimal clearance at the drive shaft. Every where else, there is plenty of room. Nothing rubs, and it was easy to slide up in there. I mounted it myself with tire irons, and it went on easily. Used tire lube and it seated at probably around 50 or 60 lbs. No problems. I've used stick on weights for many years, and did so on this tire, too. Only required 1/2 oz (yeah, that's one half of one ounce) to balance the tire perfectly. The Dunlop E3 I pulled off had about 2 1/2 full ounces of weight to balance.  

The tire runs great, but still playing with tire pressures. At 44lbs now, and have been running that for the last 200 miles. It does search a very small amount on horrible dirt roads with potholes. (I have 1 mile of private dirt to my house, and it's terrible) Only searching I found on pavement was where heavy trucks have sunken the asphalt and made grooves, then it wants to move back and forth in the groove a bit. No big deal.

Tire is really quiet, so far. 6 ply, with a load rating of something like 1600+ lbs. Don't remember exactly. Might have been 1700+.  

I ride aggressively in the corners, and have had no issues, other than it is more sensitive to steering input, which I like. Tire is a little taller, and dropped my rpm about 200, which I also like. I can tell no difference in pulling from a dead stop, to cranking on at speed. Haven't had it in the rain yet, so can't comment to that.

I bought the tire from simpletire.com for $115 including the shipping to my house. They also shipped it quickly.  Hope this info helps.  Now I'm starting to look for a new front tire. Don't quite need it yet, but will soon. Running a worn E3 on the front with no issues, at the moment.


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