New to the dark side

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New to the dark side

Post  Nurzo on Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:08 pm

I found a small amount of info on a BMW site and thought to myself that's for me. The last long ride I went on was 3000 kms over 2 days and in West Australia the roads a long straight and hot. The middle of the tyre was worn out and the tyre had done a total of around 6000 kms.
When the current tyre wears out I will be going to the darkside with a 205/50/17 tyre. Had a look around my scrap metal bin and found some plate aluminum which I put into the lathe and tuned into a 12mm spacer, have ordered 53mm lug bolts from the UK and I will be ready for the conversion when the current tyre wears out. I'll turn down the 12mm to a suitable clearance when I come to final fitting.

Then I will be a true Darksider.



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