07 street bob what would fit? new here,

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07 street bob what would fit? new here, Empty 07 street bob what would fit? new here,

Post  old_biker on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:21 am

I have been grounded for 2 months due to my slick rear tire and lack of funds to buy a new tire, my last tire lasted under 7k miles, & I had not even thought of this until someone suggested it. I dont ride hard nor fast anymore, but do like to ride a lot, and usually ride 2 wheels as my primary transportation unless storming, & its killing me to be stuck riding my truck.

bike uses a 160/70/B17 and it uses a tube on spoke wheels if it matters, also I dont think there is a lot of room to go much bigger.

I have used auto tires long ago on a chopper, still got my old 15" wheel with a Pirrelli on it, but also ran VW tires, I would put bike on a cinderblock & have friend hold it steady & hold throttle just off idle & use angle grinder to round the corners of them extremely squared shoulders on the VW tires which seemed to help.


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