Yamaha 950 Touring rear tire questions

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Yamaha 950 Touring rear tire questions

Post  NGM on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:27 pm

So I started playing with numbers as far as tire size is concerned. I see that a 195/75-16 is Taller than stock side wall by 1.07 for an overall height difference of 2.14 the width is .99 wider over all and the rolling circumference is 6.75 bigger. This all equates out to -61.99 revs per mile which will change the speedo by 4.5 MPH bringing it closer to correct as it is 7mph off now. Any thoughts on if this will fit?  I went to darkside info on tires and they recommend a 205/60-16 or a 195/60-16. What are y'alls thoughts? For those that did switch over, what is the learning curve? Thanks everyone for your input BTW.


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