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Couldn't take it any longer... Empty Couldn't take it any longer...

Post  qt11 on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:51 pm

I installed a Michelin Primacy 195-55-16RF on my 14 Ultra Classic. Put 8oz of Roll On in the tire and had it inflated to what I though to be 33psi. Took it on a little run and was a little squirrelly. Brought the bike back, let it cool down (rain) and inflated it to 33psi (it was 29psi). Took it back out again and voila. Smooth as silk. Like riding on air (no pun intended). Tar snakes a thing of the past. The Dunflop can't compare. The wife, ah, what's her name, loves it. Minor pot holes are a erased. Only one draw back is it takes a little more 'effort' into the turns, but on the upside, it wants to return to up right center.


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Couldn't take it any longer... Empty Re: Couldn't take it any longer...

Post  justbike on Sun May 03, 2015 8:33 am

I ran 32 PSI in the first Michelin Primacy on my 12 ultra, it wore out in the center. I read on a Goldwing forum guys are running 28 so I dropped mine to 28 still handles the same, ride is maybe a bit smoother and seems to be wearing a little more even. I have around 12000 miles on this one and it still looks good


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