darkside saved my A$$

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darkside saved my A$$

Post  okiehoss on Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:50 pm

Thanks to some intel gathered on this website I finally took the plung to try a CT on my big heavy rig. I'm a tech by trade so it was against all your taught but the results by many that testify about the results have to say something. I live in N.E. Oklahoma ride a 2013 Victory cross country with a 195/55/16 hankook V4 I hadn't had it but about 2 months when this happened.

I was headed westbound from catoosa on highway 44 to sand springs in Tulsa Okla. I've grown up here so i know this turn have taken it many times. The speed limit is 65mph. SO rolling along speed limit. 2 lanes coming up exiting to the left to take traffic westbound. Im Just about there so i check mirrors nobody anywhere around me or behind me (habit) you have to get on the inside 2 lanes to head to sand springs I was in the inside lane. it starts to rise you are coming into a blind turn because it bends before it crest. Im in a full lean as I crest the hill with eyes on rode for whatever nice day feeling good. I top the hill and what I see gives me cold chills. A cattle truck probably going to fast, took this turn just minutes before me and spilled cow shit and diarrhea and piss every where across both lanes. its to late to dive down and try to get under it Im on top of it now. I thought for sure I was dumping it. I was thinking "stay on top of the bike,stay on top of the bike.". I get out of the gas just enough to coast. I stay of the brake. I check my right mirror--clear--I ease up out of my lean a bit. I pick a line the leads me even into the shoulder across 1 lane trying to straighten this corner out as best i can without dumping my bike. I feel the front tire skimming across the slick as snot surface looking for pavement. I knew I was going down I was just waiting for it to happen. I continue to lean because of the demand of the turn. I cant believe I'm still up. I'm riding a fine line and i can feel it The front tire feels like its trying to get through the muck of it all but loose. The back tire never quivered it stayed tru and tight. I crossed the lane next to me and now on the shoulder my front tire finally grabbed and just in time to keep me from hitting the concrete divider..I had maybe a foot clearance between me and the concrete divider when I finally hit the gas and got back on the road.

If I would have had a regular round MT with a tread ever 6-8 inches or whatever pattern of tire you buy. In the lean I was in and speed I was going. I would have dumped that big ass heavy bike immediately when i hit that slick surface. NO question about it. That CT with so much tread gripped well. The deep and multiple treads dug down and got a good bite on pavement. It was an absolutely scary ride. I was a different rider coming out the end of that. I was so humbled thinking "I just changed over to the Darkside and if i hadn't I would have crashed." It was a long adrenaline rush day after riding through what i just did thinking I was going down and didn't. I could not believe what I just did. I was goose bumpy all day and even now recalling to you what happen. Im sold. I even went through snow in coloroda with my CT. I will never go back.

Thank you to all before me who stuck with something that really works well it saved my butt.


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Re: darkside saved my A$$

Post  LadyDraco on Wed Feb 18, 2015 6:04 pm

Glad it all worked out ..... cheers

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welcome to the dark side

Post  rossmond on Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:36 am

I also will never go back.Hit way too many patches of sand that the ct held on that would have taken me down with mc tire.
Ride safe Smile

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Re: darkside saved my A$$

Post  goldwing on Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:04 pm

Yes, I feel you. Fist time I hit the brake hard. I know I was going down, & I didn't.
I was going e/b on High way 114 on a sharp turn ,at about 75 mph. Traffic lock up, & I know I was going down. My wife scrim load
I hit the brakes. My wife & I came to a fast stop & able to move to the side off traffic & get out of danger. I been riding for 35 year. I know mc tire & the limit. We be came believers, I have over 55,000 miles on car tire. I ride a Goldwing & pull trailer.
I know that it safer for we & wife .


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Re: darkside saved my A$$

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