long time darksider inquiry DD

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long time darksider inquiry DD

Post  kded4009 on Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:42 am

2003 vtx 1800c, darksider with goodyear tripletred (GYTT) 205/60-16 rear, love it ride it. On my second tire, put on this past weekend;
1st rear tire - stock 180  6200 (bald)
2nd rear tire - metz 200 7900 (bald, cords shown)
3rd rear tire - C/T - GY TT 38000 (tread seems fine, but it had 3 nails in it)
4th rear tire - same as above...

anyways, I just found this connection and never heard of DD, so it peaks my interest when it seems I'm only getting 8k-12k on my front metz (130/70-18).
I have a few questions though;
1) what size would fit on the front? 180/70-18?
2) which brand metz, dunlop, .. be best?
3) do they need to be reversed (direction)?
4) can the tire be mounted reversed on this motorcycle to maybe prolong life of the tire ie from cupping...and when I say reverse I simply mean reverse the tire installment onto the bike, NOT actually remount the tire direction.

any thoughts?


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Re: long time darksider inquiry DD

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:48 pm

I love the TT only bikes. I just picked up a 06 1800 Neo. I'm going DD WITH A Battleax. They work great in forward direction. I also go 205/60/16 in my past retro and previous Neo. It's just a great tire and goes 40,000+ miles. And what a ride on the highway! Good luck.


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