? about the Michelin Pilot Activ

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? about the Michelin Pilot Activ

Post  heyblue27 on Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:32 am

Hey everybody. Been riding darkside for several years now and its time for a new front tire. 2008 Strat with a General Altima on rear and Bridgestone Exedra MAX on front.
So question.
Time for a new front tire and i really didn't get the mileage out of the Exedra I was expecting. Was looking at a Michelin Pilot Activ. What i found was a Pilot Activ Sport Touring Tire.
Are they the same tire?
If not, is one better than the other? Motorcycle Accessories has the Sport Touring for $119 which is a great price.

Is there a tire you guys would recommend as better?
Not too aggresive of a driver as i live in the flatlands of eastern NC. But who can't help being a little aggressive with a bike like this, right??!!!
Ride mostly to work and back (10 miles one way), and often 2 up with the wife.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.



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