1990 Softail Fatboy - conversion

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1990 Softail Fatboy - conversion Empty 1990 Softail Fatboy - conversion

Post  d'Lynn on Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:36 pm

Morning,  I want to convert my current tires to CT's.  I am riding a 1990 Softail Fatboy [ first year product.] This is a sidecar outfit.., with a 1990 Liberty Classic sidecar [ first year product also.] I'm a disabled vet., a sidecar was the only way I could stay in the saddle !
 The tire size 130/90x16 [ MT90/16] This is also the Harley recommened size., and no mods have been madeto the rims, or tires.
 Question 1] Will the Dunlop Taxi tire 175R16 fit on the rear [ swingarm clearance.] ?? All three rims are the same size & make. OEM Harley solid rims. If it will fit the rear., it will fit the front and sidecar - pleanty of clearance on both.
 Question 2] Would there be a problem with the bead., using the standard Harley solid rims ??

 I tried to figure it out., but got lost in all the translations.  Does anyone have any experience, or knowledge on this fitment?
 Thanks !


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