New Tire on 1800S...Big Improvement

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New Tire on 1800S...Big Improvement

Post  Metalman on Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:08 am

I recently bought a 2006 1800S VTX with 3,700 miles. At less than 5,000 miles the rear tire was worn to the cords. I purchased a nice looking cast aluminum wheel and brake rotor from an R model at a salvage yard, and ordered a Kumo Solus 205/65-16 tire from Walmart for $91 plus tax. When the tire arrived I brought the wheel to Walmart and had them mount it at no charge. I told them it was a wheel from a homemade trailer (no brake or drive spline). They weren't able to balance the wheel.

The diameter of the new tire is one inch in circumference less than the worn OEM Dunlop (81.375" vs. 82.375"). That's about nine turns per mile more with the new tire, which is insignificant.

The CT is very smooth and other than the usual quirkiness when riding on surface irregularities that run parallel with the direction of travel, the bike handles very well. I was going to use balancing beads, but at this point I can't detect any vibrations, even with the clutch pulled in.

One problem however, when riding two up (375 pounds) at times we could hear a slight siren sound where the tiny raised lines on the sidewall rubbed on something under the fender. So I cranked up the rear shocks to #5 position and that cured the rubbing.

This is my forth bike with a CT on the rear. (1800 Gold Wing, 1800F VTX, 1600 Nomad).

PS. That's a rock in the tread near the top muffler.


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