Photos...low mileage discussion.

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Photos...low mileage discussion.

Post  skullsession on Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:37 am

These are photos from my second darkside attempt.  This one is the Bridgestone Protenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT.  Riding on a Victory Cross up at all times.  Sometimes carrying near 50 lbs of gear...but not all the time.  I do a lot of inner-city riding to and from work and recreational/twisty riding without added weight much of the time.  

Pic of the tire after 8,511 miles.  It's ready to be replaced.

Obviously, that's hard to see. So I took a penny and a ball point pen to get some sort of real measurement to show the difference between the center and the outer portion of the tire.  The lines on the ruler are 1/64".  Tire is wearing a bit more in the center, but not by much more than 1/32".  Since I made the line with a ball point pen, it's fairly safe to say that the lines are probably at least 1/64" higher than they should be. (Scale on the ruler is 1/64")

I ran this tire at 34 lbs for most of it's life.  Lowered to to 32 lbs for the last 2k.  Could probably go lower to try to even out the wear.

Anyway.  8,511 miles on this tire and she's ready to be replaced.  Not sure why I'm not seeing the mileage that others claim to be getting.  I also had almost identical life out of a Kumho SPT Run Flat.  I ran that tire at 38 lbs for it's lifetime.

Next up will be the Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3 RunOnFlat.  Hoping this one lasts longer.

Any thoughts or advice?

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Re: Photos...low mileage discussion.

Post  CutterDuck on Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:07 am

Just my opinion of course but looks like to much psi for the riding you are doing or you really get out there when the red light changes!! Smile You stated that a lot of the riding was inner city and to and from work, so I am assuming you are running on a smoother pavement than a back road might be paved with. I have to adjust my pressure, depending on the ride....I run 32 most of the time in my Alpin but have to bump it up to run the twisties or I wear out the outer edges.

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