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Post  ticowarbird on Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:28 am

I've had my 2008 VTX1800F since October and started putting money into it. I have the V&H exhaust, Hypercharger, Powercommander (not fully tuned yet) and now looking to install the LED headlight I bought from NDana...and now I found this info from his signature and thinking about riding on the Darkside. where do I start? what do I do? I'm running in circles like a virgin in a brothel (Seen it in Thailand, quite hilarious). So far I've read about someone installing the cooper zeon zpt 215/45r18 and like how it sounds but not sure....basically I'm asking for someone to push me over the cliff to get it. I ride in Florida so not too many turns or hills or anything. I ride everywhere I go in any clime or place I can, I tend to ride @ 100-135 on the highways (yes I'm that guy) and most roads usually 25-40s.


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Post  nodakbassmaster on Fri May 23, 2014 6:30 pm

read around, it's not for everyone. The handling changes slightly, it's more noticable for some than others. I had a Toyo T1R 215 on my F as my last tire, had 0 issues with it. Finally wore it past the wear bars at around 25K-ish miles if I recall correctly. I have a MC tire on right now because it was free and in the garage when the Toyo was worn out. I'll get another CT when this MC tire expires.

Again, read a bunch on the handling difference people describe, then you can make your own decision. Most like the additional mileage and what some consider better handling. That's most of the reason behind the CT (having a tire last longer than 3-6K miles). I know my last MC tire was done at 5K.

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