2003 VTX1800C DD Update

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2003 VTX1800C DD Update

Post  caper58 on Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:42 pm

Hey everyone, just wanted to check in and give you all an update on my 03 1800C.

I did the first Hydroedge CT on the rear back in Oct of 2008 (I am #27 in the MC with CTs list) and I got over 35K miles on that tire so I went with another Hydroedge when the first one finally gave it up. Currently I have about 15K on the second rear CT and it looks new. Ok, so I decided when my front tire needed replacing again (generally at about 6k) I would dry the double dark.... I went with a140/70-18 67V rear MC tire with the rotation arrow going the wrong direction. I read somewhere this tire would be hard riding until about 500 miles, no big deal I can deal with that.....

Once I got the rear MT on the front of my bike and filled with dyno-beads I headed out.... they where right, it was rough as hell but I was determined to stuck with it. After a while I was getting so sick of the rough ride I was about to just change back to a normal front tire when going down the road one day it smoothed out.... it was weird... it happened all of a sudden.... the ride was smooth!  I checked my miles, 452 miles had past... damn!

Anyway I have over 6K on the front tire and it still looks new, the ride is smooth and I'm loving life... so I will probable be posting another update to you all in 5 years or so....

I hope the post helps out ~caper58

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Re: 2003 VTX1800C DD Update

Post  Doc on Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:43 am

Thanks for the update. Enjoy the sMILES...  thumbup 


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