CT gas mileage and modifications to make a CT work correctly

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CT gas mileage and modifications to make a CT work correctly

Post  Flyn Tiger on Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:16 am

First I must say I have done alot of reading on this site and am enjoying it.  I am considering on moving to the dark side along with you but in my reading I haven't seen a couple of things mentioned that I am curious about. hmmm   I ride a 02 Wing with ABS and currently run a 180/70/16 on the rear which trues up my speedo.  I have read that a 215/60/16 is too tall and with a 205 one must still grind some on the swingarm to keep it from rubbing. My question is....how much?  A 205 would keep the speedo almost perfect.  And is there another tire out there that will be the correct size to help keep my speedometer reading correct? I also plan on using a run flat tire but haven't decided on a brand yet. Current info on this too would be great.  My last question is has running a CT affected the gas mileage on a Wing and if so how much +/-???  I am getting 38-42 mpg depending on how hard I ride and load.  

Thanks for your input in advance.
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