Another bike Darksided

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Another bike Darksided

Post  GEARHEADFLA on Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:46 pm

Late last April I bought a 2007 Kawasaki Nomad 1600 to add to the stable, it had a brand new Dunlop E-3 radial on the rear, the first thing I said was it was the wrong tire on the rear, should be a bias, it had a brand new bias E-3 on the front, the second thing I said is it don't matter, I'm putting a CT on it anyway as soon as it wore out, no need to waste a new tire. 6000 miles later it was toast so last night I mounted a 195/60R-16 BRIDGESTONE TURANZA on it. It works GREAT and once again, I WILL NEVER BUY A MC REAR TIRE AGAIN. Looking forward to another 30k before have to change rear tire again.
When I say the MT tire was toast at 6k, I mean it was burnt toast.

This is more like it


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Re: Another bike Darksided

Post  quadancer on Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:25 pm

DAMMITBOYEE!!! Were you just using the bike for right turn burnouts? Wow. At least my fronts eat out on both sides before the center.

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