Going down the Dark Side on a 2000 V-Max

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Going down the Dark Side on a 2000 V-Max

Post  frank5079 on Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:37 am

I have a 2000 V-Max with Metzler bias-ply tires. There are no radial tires available for my bike because of its skinny wheels, 2.15x18 front and 3.50x15 rear. The tire sizes for this bike are 110/90-18 and 150/90-15. In order to put radial tires on my bike, I have to either plunk down and pay almost $600 per wheel to have them widened, or pay about $1879 for Carrozzeria market wheels. So, I think I'll be going with an Avon AV55 ST Storm 2 110/80R-18 for the front and a 165/80R-15 Nexen radial tire for the rear. I'd prefer to get like brands, but I cannot find motorcycle/car tire brand, ie Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, et al, in the sizes I need.

Also, the narrowness of my rear wheel limits the choices of tires, 170 is maximum for my wheel width and for swing-arm clearance.

What do you guys think?



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Re: Going down the Dark Side on a 2000 V-Max

Post  rrounds on Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:13 pm

I run a bias-ply front tire with a radial out back for the last 25k miles. I can't tell the difference in handling on my VT1100-T. I dought you will find a M/T that has the same tread style that a C/T has. The 165 out back will be a good choice.



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