Where to find Durometer results CT VS MT

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Where to find Durometer results CT VS MT

Post  bandito_two on Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:22 pm

I see that Twin1300 posted about testing he had done on some tires both CT and MT. I saw something more formal done somewhere once upon a time, but I don't recall where. Bing and Google searches haven't produced results of motorcycle tire testing. Lots of race car, bicycle and skateboard info and even some so called pros from some motorcycle shop of all places talking about how car tires last longer because of the harder rubber as compared to a motorcycle tire. And how car tires ride on the narrow edge when leaned into a turn. What a bunch of morons. Lots of people did make comments about the video and its gross errors.

Anyway, does anyone know of a better way of getting the results of Durometer testing of commonly used motorcycle tires and the automotive equivalent replacements outside of getting a tester and poking around on tires myself? Truthfully, I'd rather the results come from the automotive tire industry and motorcycle tire industry individually so as to negate any claims of bias or cherrypicking results to favor motorcycles using car tires. I suppose I could call tire manufacturers and get the tech info as it relates to compound hardness, but again, I'd like to have results produced and presented by a neutral source. (meaning not from me) Some folks refuse to take my word about car tires having softer tire compound than MC tires.banghd (yes! very frustrating)  I'd love to be able to show them for all to see to definitively have that argument point settled and taken out of the debate.

Pretty tall order and it might be a study project for college students, but I don't have those kinds of connections.confusedShrug

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Re: Where to find Durometer results CT VS MT

Post  quadancer on Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:46 pm

Brah, you are SO absolutely right!!! From what I've done, I found that any moron with a modern ink pen can simply push it into the CT,. then push it into
his MT and, voila!, the pen simply sinks farther into the CT than the MT, from what I've found without a gauge.

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