Info for a newbie svp (Yaouuuuuuu!)

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Info for a newbie svp (Yaouuuuuuu!)

Post  Fromkebek on Tue May 28, 2013 10:06 am

HI! i'm a proud howner of a VTX 1800R 2002 and i just command my first ct yesterday... yeah And i'm just so happy to found a bunch of crazy VTX darksider in this forum... it make me more exiting to prepare my bike for this new season here in Québec. So i'll be here with you for at least the next 70 years, and propably for a few douzaine of tires.

I choose the GYTT 205-60-16 after many hours of reading (and it was really interesting and funny) the dealer said it's discontinued but he found one... then i know it was my tires waiting for me What a Face I found a little bike shop who accept to do the job (take down the Wheel and install the ct), shure the guys said blablabla-it's a square tire-you will have somme surprise-are you sure-blablabla... My answer: did you ever try it? No? So i will and after that i tell you. confused Good!

I have two questions: the guys said that he only have a ''manuel'' machine for tires, he dont know if he will be able to mount a tire car. Is it more difficulte or ''stiffer'' than a mctire? Is there any problem to do the job with a little manuel machine tire or do i expect to bring the wheel on a car garage?
And, i read that ''usually'' there is no need to do any modif, maybe just to recenter the fender. Is it somethings that happens often or just to a few of you?

Thank you for this veeeery cool forum thumbup i'll be around reading the comment and adventure . I'll put some pics to. And i'll wait for the cookies. Hummmm.

(sorry for my poor or weirdo English... use to speak français Rolling Eyes )


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