what C/T for my ride

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what C/T for my ride

Post  winston66 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:25 am

Winston66, Question
Northampton, Western Australia,
Some feedback is needed please.
Hi everyone, I am a newbe here , however I am a confirmed darksider Last year I fitted a Kumho Ecsta stp 205/50Z R17 93W XL Rear tyre, to my Honda ST1300 2003 model and after 3000 klms. I would not go back to the std. M/C tyre .
My Question is this ?.
I am also very lucky in that I also have a well preserved 1996 Yamaha XVZ 1300 Royal Star, now I have just converted it, Built an outrigger conversion on to it, and even though it has a new conventional M/C Dunlop 404 150-90/15 M/C 74H on the rear Drive wheel, I like riding it so much I guess that it will not be very long before it is chopped out and will have to be replaced.
So has anyone got any suggestions or information as to what C/T will fit this ride and be suitable I believe that the M/C rim can be a bit difficult to seat the tyre beads when fitting some brands of C/T to it.
Incidently the outrigger conversion was fitted with two new Pirelli 205-65 -R 15 ,94H C/t .
These were chosen because I had two nice and suitable Mag rims and the stub axles and hubs to suit, also they were very well pticed at about $105-00 each delivered.
Lets hear your suggestions.
Cheers to all,
Winston 66 Western Australia
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Re: what C/T for my ride

Post  Steve-O on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:14 pm

The kumho 165 is what most Royal stars run with . Veredstein and Nantang also make this size tire. Check out the Yamaha forum below.
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