11 years ago today.

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11 years ago today.

Post  GEARHEADFLA on Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:47 am

Where was you 11 years ago today? I was right here at work, watching it on the news, feeling very numb and wondering what was going on, thinking of my wife at work and my daughter at school. My wife has past on now, but I still think about her and where she was 11 years ago. I think of my wife and daughter sitting at the table, making hundreds of red white and blue bracelets and handing them out to anyone that walked by, then seeing the people still wearing them weeks later, my wife still had hers on when she pasted 2 1/2 years ago. Now I also think of my now girlfriend Lori, who was a eyewitness to the attacks in New York and how she was in the W.T.C. the evening before for a job interview, to this day she has a hard time seeing in on T.V., Did it change America? Yes it did, it made us stronger, I'm a proud American and very thankfull from our troops.

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Re: 11 years ago today.

Post  locopony on Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:16 pm

It was a cool day out, bright and sunny with those little clouds that look like brush strokes in the sky. I was stand on the roof of the soon to be new library for ULAR, welding down some decking and end closures so that the concrete could be poured. When the PMs truck appeared at the front gate of the construction site and was driveing down the equipment road up to the building. It seemed odd to me because he usually parked in the parking lot and walked over like everyone else. It wasn't long until we were all called down to the ground for a meeting which has only happened when a fellow worker on another job was injured of killed. So we all headed down to the ground with some trepidation and fear as to what happened, when the rumor started up to us that two airplanes had crashed into the world trade centers. When we got to the ground we were informed that it was true and that another one had hit the Pentagon. It seemed very surreal, I knew we had been attacked by terrorists and that we were headed for war. We were asked to fill up with gas on the way home because they were unsure of what the availability would be in the near future. I remeber very clearly the images the next day on the news of people celebrating in the streets over there in those Muslim countries, and the images of them planes hitting the Twin towers. I remember the huge hole in the side of the pentagon, and that big rip in the ground where the other plane crashed into a field.


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