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new dark rider, tire reveiw Empty new dark rider, tire reveiw

Post  mustang071965 on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:16 pm

weather great today, so took anoughter ride on my valk with the general altimax 205/60/16. tire is performing great. tested with 36 psi first, tire was a little to grabby on straits. handled ok slow and fast and in curves. tested with 38psi no as grabby felt better. slow manuvers no trouble cruise speed felt great. tested today with 40psi. loved the responce. had the right grab feel i was looking for. slow speeds in parking lot handled like it was a motorcycle tire but better ya just knew it was holding the pavement. top speed and curves outstanding. and the ride was smother then my old motorcycle tire. ( wich where avon cobra ) the tread shows no signs of wear it is planting all the tread except the outside bars on the pavement, wich is perfect to me the outside bar tread is where it starts to curve up for the side wall tread . taking curves shows tread on side wall running in perfect contact to pavement. i could scrape the pegs and still not get off the tread. still running avon cobra frount tire with 40psi. at that psi i maintain the round conture needed on frt tire and no sag like radial car tire wich is not good on a motorcycle tire. im sold on car tire for rear wont go back. my dad will convert to dark side after this season on his GL1800. thanks to the dark side for putting the info out there for us riders to consider and pick what works for us. thumbup


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new dark rider, tire reveiw Empty Re: new dark rider, tire reveiw

Post  Doc on Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:28 pm

Enjoy the Ride!!! Vader

new dark rider, tire reveiw Pbucket
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