Newbie ready to go to the Darkside

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Newbie ready to go to the Darkside

Post  DocNoah on Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:28 pm

Hello everyone. I have a 1999 Heritage Softail Classic with a Voyager convertible trike kit installed. The way the trike kit is designed my bike is basically I still have a back tire on my bike (it's a four wheeler). While the trike kit is removable I won't ever remove it because a bad hip makes this the only way I can still ride. A CT on the back is a logical decision for me. I have considered it for awhile and I am ready to make the change. I have a couple of questions. I run the Dunlop D402 tires called for by HD...the MT90B16. I think that converts to a 130/90 with a 3.00 X16 rim. Has anyone done this conversion that could steer me toward a brand that has a tire the correct size? Also is anyone familiar with any place in the Charlotte, NC area that will do the mounting? I, like the rest of you, am tired of paying out the nose for tires that don't last long enough. Will get some picks of "Old Crusty" posted soon. I love that scooter! Ride safe everyone. Thanks for the great site. Later ya'll.

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