CT on a 02 Ultra w/sidecar

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CT on a 02 Ultra w/sidecar Empty CT on a 02 Ultra w/sidecar

Post  scooterwoot on Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:51 am

I've been looking on this site at all of the info about going over to the dark side and it is real appealing. Really makes sense for a sidecar setup as everything is on the flat. However I'm not sure of which tire to go to. So far it looks like the 500X16's on the coker site are the only ones that will work. Any comments from the folks who have been doing this for a while, particularly anyone with a sidecar rig. I'm obviously a newbie so will try to post a picture. The sidecar is actually in the paintshop but still need to be able to ride and my toolbox set up works (turns heads too!). Thanks
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