25772 F-Duns

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25772 F-Duns

Post  1800carl on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:16 am

Got my first new ME880 on the front yesterday with 25,772 miles. On a 06 F.... Not bad for a Dun !! But even with the back tire stock for stock Dun at 16,346 miles the bike handles 10x's better. I had ME's on my 01 Sabre and they were awesome then and still are over the Duns... Got the Harbor Fright tire changer with M/C adapter and my best bud and I just broke tbe bead after taking out the stem valve. Then take off one side brake rotor set so wheel sets on changer and clamp device holds wheel steady. Why bother to peel the tire off when you can die grind it off in 5 mins. Carefull to hold tire away from rim while grinding near edge.We had the tire back on the rim and with a small electric air pump got the beads to pop with no effort (history buffs take note ) Set tire up and pored Dyna Beads in less than 10 seconds. Tomorrow will be doing my buds ME front and Gen Ultimax HP back side. When my back tanks I'll be Triple Treading. Cool

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Re: 25772 F-Duns

Post  nodakbassmaster on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:25 am

WOW! Shocked Shocked that's some incredible mileage out of the dunflops! Shocked At that rate you'd never need another rear tire!

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