My vs800 with CT update

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My vs800 with CT update

Post  vs800rider on Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:05 pm

I now have over 3200 miles on the CT and have had no problems with it. It still takes a little extra push to get the bike to lean over, but then most (80%) of my riding is straight interstate riding so it doesn't bother me any. The bumps on the interstate seem to be smoother with the CT and there is one place where the road is grooved for about 1/4 mile and I was already thru it before I knew where I was. lol! I have also noticed there are a few curves where I ride them at a faster pace that I did with the MT.

Riding the interstate alot I get passed by and pass a lot of trucks. There seems to be less wind buffeting with the CT as the bike wants to stand up straight alot more. Some of this might be from going to a wider front tire but I think most of it is because of the CT. I put the VS700 Intruder snowflake mag wheel on the front which is a 19" wheel and took off the 21" wire spoked wheel. So when you combine the wider front tire and the CT I have a bike that feels completely different than what I was riding. cheers

The stock MT is a 140/90/15 and I have a 145/80/15 Ct and I have plenty of space between the tire and the drive shaft. So I might try the 165/80/15 CT next time. The 165/80/15 CT is half the price of the 145/80/15 CT so that will be even better and the taller tire will help with getting the rpm's closer to normal. Anyway I am very happy with the CT and unless something horrible happens I will not be going back to a MT. Very Happy

Here is a pic of the tire with 3200 miles on it. If you look real close at the pic you can still see the little dimples or whatever you call them on the edge of the tire.


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